The Whitehaven Festival CO

The Festival Co have launched some new events for 2014 to replace the Whitehaven Maritime Festival. The events will allow us to continue to fulfil our remit which is to ‘Increase the economic viability of Whitehaven by events and marketing’.

The Festival Co was founded in 1998 by a volunteer board of directors and it remains all volunteer to this day despite having been credited with creating a spend of over £40m to West Cumbria since 1998.

Day to day running is from an office in Richardsons Wines on Lowther Street.

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Tel: 01946 65334

Latest News

NMP are proud to be the main sponsors of the Festival Co for 2014

Volunteers Required:

From 3rd JMay to 10th May to man the WW1 Exhibition in St Nics

From 14th May to 16th May to help plant out St Nics Gardens

If you can assist please email gerard@richardsonsoffice,.net or drop into Richardsons and leave your contact details.

Sponsor News

In addition to Nuclear Management Partners who are the main Sponsors again for 2014 we’ve just welcomed two old friends NNL, Babcock & Wilcox and Costains. Without Sponsors, the Festival Co couldnt stage any of the events that help Whitehaven punch above its weight in terms of tourism so we owe them all a big thank you.

To become a Sponsor please email